Monday, October 08, 2007

dogs in beards 

Something secret, exciting and ever so slightly scary may be about to happen in/to my "career". If it does it will involve this pair...

Update: Just had a phone call confirming that, yes, the secret, exciting and scary thing is indeed happening. You'll know about it soon enough. In the meantime, wish me luck.

Hey, sounds very exciting. Whatever it is: GOOD LUCK! You deserve it!

Good luck!

Is this the same career move I wussed out on quite comprehensively?

And I'm really bored of quoting word verification, but mine today was:


which is a bit good.

May the force be with you!

Exciting AND scary? Good luck!

Thanks, all.

Jonathan: it's like this...

Lovely Publisher Man: Hello, Dave, how would you feel about doing this exciting thing that will be by far the most high profile work you've ever done?

Dave: Yes please.

Lovely Publisher Man: And this is how long you'll have to do it:

[Lovely Publisher Man states deadline of exciting job]

Dave: Ulp!

(It's actually since transpired that it's not quite so scary a deadline. Though I really should go and get on with it now.)

I've been waiting for you to reveal what exactly this is, but I guess that's not going to happen yet, so CONGRATS!

Probably be able to reveal more toward the end of the month, Pete.

You big tease!
Hope it all goes well.

About time too. I have long known you are a genius.

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