Monday, August 06, 2007

stuff I have done 

In recent days I have:

Submitted three (somewhat, ahem, sketchy) story proposals to a forthcoming children's comic.

Played cricket moderately badly and scored 10 runs (somewhat modest by most people's standards but a massive achievement for me).

Celebrated the team's victory by drinking some beer. Woke to find a sizeable ink stain on my duvet cover though the only pen in the vicinity was safely capped (and underneath my back). Mysterious.

Eaten a more fabulous Scotch egg than I ever would have believed could exist.

Played cricket badly and scored 5 runs.

Celebrated the team's victory by drinking some beer. Witnessed members of a stag party, in the latter stages of their evening, talking very earnestly together, by this stage utterly oblivious to the antlers they were wearing.

Got too hot.

Cooled down by swimming in the River Cam.

Reread several Tintin stories.

So - mostly pretty good just lately.

Now I am trying to draw a monkey.

Lucky you, to have a cricket pitch which isn't still flooded! Congrats on the runs.

I've been reading Tintin since I was about seven, and I still reread them now...still fantastic.

True enough. We lost some games to the rain (and it buggered up my rounders team's season even more badly) but we didn't actually get flooded here in Cambridge. Also, rather ridiculously given the standard of play at times, we get to play most of our games on a good pitch in the beautiful setting of the Jesus College grounds. Truly we are spoilt.

Tintin, fantastic, can't argue (wouldn't want to).

Are you sure that was a ink stain?

It's definitely ink, yes. I suppose it is possible that I bled it though.

Hurrah for proposals and boo for scotch eggs. Yuk.

Would the monkey be for a certain mutual friend, by any chance?

I like monkeys.

Clare - but these were Scotch eggs that redefined the genre. Trust me.

And yes, the monkey was a first draft of a work for Our Mutual Friend. A different drawing of the same monkey will be appearing shortly I believe.

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