Tuesday, August 14, 2007

from the archives, week 12 

S.O.B. A6 number 3, circa late '93.

Quite a bit that I don't much like here but a few points of interest: the recurring umbrella motif, the occasional use of dramatic chiaroscuro, the genitals...

... and very nice they are too.

So over what period of time would a double page spread like this have taken you Dave? I really wish I had something like this to look back on, especially back to the early 90's I'm sure it reveals a lot about what, and the way you were thinking at the time doesn't it? All those eyes looking back at you, I find this fascinating and I know I've said it before but thanks again for taking the time to share it all.

Hi Tim. Not too sure how revealing this stuff is really. Some of the spreads from these books (probably more so in ones I haven't chosen to post though) have reminded me of stuff that was going on in my life back then or ideas that were kicking around in my head (many of them still there, awaiting their release) or commissions that I had on at the time. Mostly, though, this kind of stuff was almost mindless recreation. In fact it's probably not too far removed from automatic writing or something and so, perhaps, ought to be terrifically revealing about The Nature Of Me. I have no idea what it all says but I guess that's not for me to judge in any case.

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