Thursday, August 23, 2007

finally some real art 

Happily visited by big brother and nephews Ellis and Sam yesterday. The nephs ably demonstrated how much easier it is for young folk to learn new stuff than us old gimmers, whizzing away drawing and colouring on Photoshop and adapting to using a Wacom graphics tablet with remarkable ease.

Young Sam produced this meisterwerk in no time:

and Ellis this:

(both drawn on paper, scanned by the work experience guy and coloured in Photoshop).

But only as they were leaving did I notice that among their prolific output - sheets of A4 carpetting the front room - was Sam's reinterpretation of this:

which looked like this:

The boy's a genius.

Though, obviously, I shall regrettably have to sue him for breach of copyright.

Finally finished writing some children's comic scripts that I'd been rather dithering over after they'd gone. If they're approved then I shall largely be drawing lots of aliens for the foreseeable future which would be, you know, all right.

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