Friday, July 27, 2007

life of a pen part 2 - page 8 

Click image for larger version.

Great stuff as usual.
Giant robot, landmate, a favorite.
but best of all is the happy little vicar

Ta, Spleenal. Yuss, I was rather pleased with the happy vicar myself. Also the flower sniffer.

But enough about me - when are you going to post Lassie Gets Translated on your blog? The world needs to see it.

I'll see if I can dig it out

can I give you a pen for your next project?

Spleenal - I'm pretty sure I know where my copy is if yours isn't easily to hand.

Zum - Absolutely, yes. Always happy to receive new pens. It's probably going to be three months or more before the current one runs out though. I'm only managing about a page a week of LOAP in between other stuff at the moment and I reckon there's at the very least another dozen (increasingly blotchy) pages' worth left in the Bic.

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