Sunday, June 17, 2007


Pleasant Sunday full of tea, biscuits, the reading of a long interview with Lewis Trondheim (a cartoonist with his name on over a hundred books but who nevertheless describes himself as lazy) and some idle doodling. Nice.

Pleasant doodling indeed. Might I inquire as to the whereabouts of said Trondheim interview. Can it be found 'pon the internet?

It's in the current issue of The Comics Journal. Disappointingly the interviewer fails to ask him what kind of pens he uses. I shall be demanding that he be fired immediately.

I mean to say over a hundred books! We could be that productive too if we only knew what kind of pen to use...

I think anyone that hangs out with Joan Sfar as much as Lewis Trondheim is going to feel as though they are lazy...

Ah yes, M Sfar. That may well explain it. Not read anything much by him myself, must rectify that - once I work out where to start. Any recommendations?

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