Monday, June 18, 2007


Bit of a piffling, whiffling, woolly, wibbly, dibbly dobbly kind of day with some rather directionless drawing - started late and going nowhere very much at present.

But I did successfully give away some rather elderly tubes of oil paint to a woman called Umpleby earlier, so that's something. Do oil paints have a best before date? These were bought about 15-20 years ago I reckon. Maybe they're whole new colours by now. I'm trying to have a bit of a clearout generally prior to moving house (again - third time in about 8 months) a week on Friday so a few bits and pieces are going on eBay or Freecycle so that there might be fractionally less to pack.

My old iMac is next to go on Freecycle (thought about trying to eBay it but a similar model just went for £1.04 so it's not really worth the bother). From past experience I'm expecting a stack of people to want it which means my methods of whittling down the applicants to a manageable shortlist will likely be more to do with petty whims (hmm, aren't all whims petty? Oh stuff it) rather than anything much to do with working out who's most deserving.

The sender of the email in purple comic sans that ended in a double exclamation mark, for instance, doesn't have a hope.

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