Thursday, June 21, 2007

packshot Thursday number 5: the banana 

Cheerfully yellow; full of vitamins; minerals and comic potential*; packaged in environmentally friendly, biodegradable packaging; subject of much nerdish trivia**; realistic banana flavour.

Ladies and gentlemen, the banana.

*My erstwhile colleague from my years as a cinema usher, splendid Mr Simon Broad, once told me that he had actually witnessed the act of someone slipping on a discarded banana skin. I felt an envy then that has seldom been equalled.

**Technically speaking the banana is not a fruit at all. It is, in fact, a small rodent.

NB Packshot Thursday will be taking a break for a week, or possibly two, due to my upcoming relocation. First one back should be a good one though.

Great blog Dave- keep it up!


That's not true at all. The banana is, in fact, a small sailing ship.

Forgive me for adding a gloomy note to proceedings, I read on someone's blog that the banana is in danger of becoming extinct. I hope this is untrue.


I hope so too. Is there a petition we can sign?

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