Saturday, June 30, 2007


Have moved, which went remarkably smoothly thanks to help from a splendid man named Adrian (possibly German, possibly Dutch, studied sculpture under Anthony Gormley, came to Cambridge to live on a boat and then didn't - available for all your van needs except during festival season when he'll be sleeping in the back of it) and a splendid very good friend.

I've already received my first visitor and my first begonia.

The new place is great, though arranging and rearranging the furniture will be the work of some weeks to find the best working/living balance (should the bedroom be a studio and the living room become combined living/bedroom? Should the bathroom become the billiard room? Should I swap the east and west wing around to confuse the enemy in the event of war?) Anyway, it's light, it's well located, it's big enough for my needs and it has a number of animal skulls mounted on the wall above the stairs. And it's mine all mine (in a rented kind of way). After some nervous flutterings a few days ago wondering if this was a sensible move I am now quite certain that it is. I am pleased.

Oh, incidentally, if you're a close personal friend and I haven't sent you an email with my new address then drop me a line. It's all been a bit haphazard and I kind of lost track of who I've told and who I haven't. Don't take it personally.

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