Thursday, May 24, 2007

packshot Thursday number 1: Kasztanki 

Another new feature! Blimey!

In an unusual lurch toward blatant commercialism each Thursday I shall be featuring a product that I genuinely endorse as being A Good Thing. As I'm such a halfhearted consumer of Stuff (and generally have a world view summed up by the title of Blur's second album) this feature may not last long before I run out of Stuff that I like but there should be enough pens, jams, books and biscuits to keep me going for two or three months I think.

First up (mainly because I had to photograph them today because there won't be any left tomorrow) are these Polish Kasztanki chocolates given to me by Sandra Landlady as thanks for a small amount of dog care undertaken while she was away in Krakow (at least I think it was Krakow). They're, um, dark chocolate pralines I think and, while not overly sophisticated, they hit the spot pleasingly with a mix of unashamed sugary satisfaction tempered with a darker, more bitter undertone that lingers longer than the initial sweet rush. They're also extremely cheerfully packaged. And they're from Poland for heaven's sake (though they must surely be available around the UK too in some of the specialist emporia of Polish goods that are springing up these days).

I commend them to you.

Er yes I was in scenes from the inside. You must have been in it too. You couldn't have bought it could you?

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