Thursday, May 31, 2007

life of a pen part 2 - page 6 

Hurrah, I don't hate this one. I even quite like bits of it (mainly wild staring eyes and big hair man down near the bottom).

Judging by the way the ink isn't yet down level with the bottom of the bar code label I would guess that we're at about the quarter way mark for this pen now (but regular readers will know how inaccurate all such predictions were first time around).

Click image for larger version.

I've tried you know. To rip you off and do a doodle sheet like this but it just ends up looking like a pile of crap. Instead of the lovley niceness you got going on here.

Great page of sketches

Thanks both.

Nice to see you here Mattias. Love your Moleskine drawings.

By the way, Mattias, I'm deeply envious of your Namiki Falcon pen. What breadth of nib is it?

I use the Fine nib at first I thought it was to fine but now I find it works as a complement to my other pen. Thanks for mention me by the way :)

A pleasure. Been admiring your stuff since seeing your posts on the AOI board a while back. Should have plugged you sooner really.

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