Tuesday, May 22, 2007

from the archives, week 1 

New feature! Old art!

In an effort to post a bit more often I've decided to make Tuesday the day when I dig out something ancient and try to pretend that it's in some way worth showing to the world. So that'll be one post a week that's no great effort for me and quite probably of no great interest to anyone either but I'll feel like I'm not neglecting my tiny audience which will subsequently diminish yet further, rightfully appalled at the disdain with which I treat them. Well, what do you expect from a blog?

I've about a dozen A6 size sketchbooks spanning a fair few years (Seawhite of Brighton sketchbooks mostly, all you materials nerds) that should be reasonably plunderable for the foreseeable future. The first of them is undated but judging by the address on the inside front cover, and a couple of references to Hal Hartley films along the way, it seems to be from around 1992/3. Happily, looking through it the other day I was cheered to find that most of the contents looked pretty awful to me now, suggesting that I have at least improved a little in the past 15 years. Maybe.

Anyway, here's one of the few bits of scrawl that I quite liked - a drawing of Mr Mike Irwin, a flatmate at that time and still a great friend. Eerily he looks very much the same now as he does in this drawing. Perhaps, in some strange variation on Dorian Gray, the drawing used to look younger and has aged along with him. Or perhaps he's just looking not too dusty for an old gimmer. Who can say.

you were good then.
You're better now.

The word verification thing is spelling dsnmhemx. Sounds technical.

Cheers Spleenal.

dsnmhemx sounds like a drunken mumble to me.

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