Monday, April 09, 2007


Another year, another birthday (yesterday), another devastatingly accurate portrait of me on my card from m'good friend Mr Adrian Reynolds...

Hippo Bathday!

Think yew fairy match.

Many happy returns Dave, hope you had a real barn buster of a birthday. Good luck to you for the next year too.

you look cute!

Cheers, Tim. And cheers, Vesper - the picture by Mr Reynolds does, of course, flatter me somewhat though.

Happy Birthday Dave!!! I was very depressed because everytime I checked your blog, it was still in march and there were no new drawings.. but as it turns out, my computer is slow or something because just today I was able to see your latest blog entries! well, I LOVED the life of a pen 3 and I would like one of the ones you're selling but I think it will be impossible for me to get it, since I'm so far away...I'll have to settle with watching the pen series through the internet. well, congratulations again and I'll be waiting for your next drawings!
-cheers, J.E.

Happy Birthday lately.

You do look cute...

Happy Birthday Dave


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