Thursday, April 26, 2007

fast rubbish rabbit 

Continued slim pickings. My apologies. The recent quiet has been brought to you in preference to boasting about winning the pub quiz. Trust me, you're better off for it.

[EDIT: The title of this post refers of course to the drawing being a bit rubbish and is intended in no way as a reflection of the rabbit's character which is exemplary]

You cant help but love this guy, because he's so dumb looking!
He'll not get that promotion instead of you, and your girlfriend won't run off with him will she.
No your safe with this guy.

Sorry. Working through some stuff here.

Hi dave...cute rabbit! I love him.I don't think he's rubbish at all.. Do you have any more drawings of edwin and molly? I miss them! hhaha oh and great life of a pen 4, i laughed a lot. Especially when I read someone's comment asking if you had mushrooms for breakfast hahahah...
cheers, JE.

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