Wednesday, March 07, 2007

tum te tum 

Lately I have mainly been working on the re-jiggification of the main website (I say "main" despite the fact that this blog has a great deal more by way of content - in much the same way that I still talk about going "home" when I visit my parents). Anyway, after a spell of getting nowhere slowly I am finally making some progress. All still confined to my hard disk so far but hopefully I'll be ready to upload it in another week or so. But I think I have the basic structure of it sorted out now so there's not too much more thinking (i.e. the hard bit) to do, just a lot of scanning, re-sizing of graphics, rewriting of HTML files and such (i.e. the long drawn out but mostly quite mindless bit). The composition's all there, there's just a lot of crosshatching still to do.

And now, as is traditional, a picture that has nothing to do with the preceding text...

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