Wednesday, March 14, 2007


The basic structure of the new website is, I think, pretty much sorted out.

If you want to take a look and check that more than the top left pixel is viewable on your particular monitor and that it isn't purple and upside-down on your particular browser* then go here.

*But you're all clever people using Firefox anyway, aren't you?

looks good in Safari too! Only little comment is when you're at 'about' or 'contact' and click 'pictures', you have to click again in the sub-menu to get a picture!


Yes, that's not ideal. I'm going to have a think about whether or not I can fix that within the current structure of it all. I assume there must be a way but my HTML skills are, ahem, somewhat basic.

Viewing the website in a reduced window size makes the title of the website disappear. Difficult to explain really but it looks like the main graphic kind of overlapping the 'drawing and colouring ' title.

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