Monday, March 26, 2007

life of a pen part 2 - page 2 

Click image for larger version.

nice linework from a bic!

Can you tell us how big is the page that you're working on please? Just trying to get a sense of the scale.

Great artwork as usual Dave, love the series.

hello Dave. I came across your Blog while surfing the net. I was looking in google for a polar bear on a bicycle and I found the blog. I looked at your webpage and I just wanted to say I LOVE your work!!! Especially Edwin and Molly...well that's all for now, but I'll be checking your blog and webpage more often from now on!
-Your newest, biggest fan, J.E.

Ta all.

Matt - the Bic feels a little blunt and clumsy to be honest, compared to the fibre tips I'm more used to, but I'm hoping I'll adapt and draw differently with it as time goes by.

Tim - the pages are roughly A5 (not exactly as the sketchbook is not in A dimensions but A5 would be the closest).

J.E. - thanks and welcome. That bear on a bike is tattooed on the side of some young fellow in, um, Texas I think it was. That was quite a surprise when he sent me the email to tell me (no one I know, just someone who, like you, stumbled on the image via Google).

Loving the new pages Dave! Am curious what the lid will look like when you're through with the pen, or aren't you a chewer?

Hello Daphne. No, not a chewer, and never have been so far as I recall, so the pen cap is safe enough. The pen itself, on the other hand, will be worked to death of course.

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