Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Last night in the pub we imagined Schindler's List with a soundtrack of the theme tune of The Archers.

It was much funnier that way.

Hi Dave, It's me again...(I posted a comment earlier on your previous entry, Life of a Pen 2) I just wanted to know a couple of things:
-Do you do these drawings while doing something else (like talking on the phone, etc) or sitting confortably and working intently on drawing them?
Question number 2: Where do you get your inspiration from? Are these just images in your head? And finally one request:
More Edwin and Molly strips!!! PLEASE!
well i hope you have time to answer my questions..thanks anyway.
P.S.I love the Life of a Pen series too, keep'em coming!

Hello again. the Life Of A Pen pages are drawn fairly mindlessly but not usually while doing anything else. Occasionally while half watching something on the telly. And it's all out of my head without reference - that's in the rules.

Hoping to do some more E&M soon. I bagged the edwinandmolly.com domain some time ago and it's high time I got together enough material to do something with it. Just a matter of finding the time. So much to do, and every day a good 4 hours shorter than it needs to be...

Hello dave. I guess i'n now a "regular costumer" on your blog. Well I just wanted to say that yesterday i spent it exploring your blog, watching your drawings and reading the entries and i just love everything. You're a very GOOD artist and well....you have a very big admirer down here, at the end of the world...
J.E.(the girl form Chile) (is it weird having admirers from so far away?)

Not weird, just very pleasing.


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