Thursday, March 01, 2007

2 men, a woman and an elephant 

Finished the Corrie job in the early hours of Tuesday morning and in the later hours received the happy news that the client was pleased with it and required absolutely no tweaks and changes. It came out considerably better than the earlier Albert Square piece I think, partly through the clever use of cutting edge new technologies like 3D modelling software. And a ruler. Always learning new skills you see, that's the key.

In other news, my new chair should arrive tomorrow. I just went for a boring, cheapish, bog standard office chair in the end, ignoring the various claims to spine-enhealthening of saddle chairs, orthopaedic kneeling chairs, Herman Miller chairs and exercise balls (on the basis of cost in the first three cases and on the basis of most likely constantly falling off in the last). May yet investigate other options at some point in the distant future but kind of needed to get something good enough for RIGHT NOW so I can get on.

Oh, message to Tim who left a comment a while back: please email me.

How about a pic of the Corrie map -- or is it still confidential?


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