Thursday, February 01, 2007


New accommodation (and very nice too) has been found and agreed and I move in on Feb 12 (assuming a suitable mate with a van/big car can be found to help shift my stuff that day). I should hopefully be properly back online shortly thereafter. Good.

That's great news Dave. I hope the move goes smoothly for you. Like a lot of your regulars here I've missed the regular updates and I'm really looking forward to seeing some of your latest work. Good luck.

Good luck with the new house and hurry up and post your new stuff (hopefully, there's a backlog of drawings ready to go).


btw the comics festival was nice. I saw british people. Derek, I mean Gary n., some eaglemoss people, Tom G... the joys of hanging out in the Mercure until 4 every night...

Splendid news on the housing front. Very glad. Is it in Brighton?

Not Brighton, no. Staying in Cambridge for the time being, right on the city limit. Nearly, but not quite, in the village of Fen Ditton.

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Good news indeed, Dave. Hope the move goes smoothly for you.

Need drawings, Dave. Have missed you.

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