Sunday, February 25, 2007

bum on seat 

Nothing exciting to report. The deadline for the aerial view of Coronation Street is thundering towards me and it's a bit of a hermit-like existence just now putting the hours in on the colouring in. On any biggish piece it's always a mixed blessing to get to the colouring stage. There's a sense of relief that the pencilling and inking, where the bulk of the problem-solving elements of the job lie, is over and in a sense it's pretty much downhill from there. But the colouring can be rather drudge-like work at times and, on a complex piece, take an absolute age so it gets a bit wearing. Still, bung on some music and turn your brain off and it's not so bad. Certainly still beats a day job.

Anyway, pictures... ooh look, a couple of men's heads. What a surprise...

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