Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Nothing much to report. Breathlessly awaiting news of a place that I want to move into which has (moderately hideous) wallpaper held to the wall by packing tape (and in places seemingly holding in the crumbling plaster), has the ugliest light fittings you ever did see, has a builder owner/landlord whose eventual intention is to kick out all the tenants and knock the place down and is a few miles out of town when I'd intended to remain pretty central. And yet it's strangely wonderful and I want to live there very much.

Meanwhile I am packing stuff into boxes and finding that I own too much stuff and should probably have got rid of a stack of it weeks ago. Need more boxes. And somewhere to move them to.

Hope the phone rings soon.

Are you changing towns to be out of?

If I get this place (still no word) then no, I'll be just outside of Cambridge.

If it falls through then I'm most likely holing up in a friend's spare room (just outside of Cambridge in the other direction) for a while and I'll consider all options for where to go after that. Except for Bedford, obviously.

Good luck Dave. Must be nerve wracking waiting. Tough time os the year to be trying to sort all this out too.
I'm glad you rescued those sketchs, they didn't desreve the bin. The red one of the boy is beatiful too.

Yes, good luck with flat hunting and fabulous drawings as ever.

I hear Brighton is very nice...

Ooh, now... which particular anonymous Brightonian is that? I'm guessing there is sculduggery afoot here...

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