Wednesday, November 22, 2006

sleeping with a polar bear for a pillow 

This is a friend of mine who I did some 24 piece jigsaws with recently. I am so rock and roll.

ha, my li'l girl does exactly the same -- well, with a cuddly dog.

sweet little drawing.

I tried to draw her a few times during my time visiting her parents but, unsurprisingly, this was the only half decent result as it was the only time she stopped still long enough for me to capture some sort of likeness.

I'm not a sentimental woman, but I thought this was wonderful. And your other stuff too.

You are a very good drawer (as NWM would say when a small child).

Thank you, Monkeymother. I read your comment at 3 a.m. during spell of sleeplessness and in a somewhat doomy gloomy mood and it cheered me no end. Ta very much.

Ooh yes, 'tis lovely. Is this the one NWM meant? Whatever. It is my favourite.

I believe so, Clare. Thanks. Nice to see you over here.

That's a gorgeous picture... Your friend's mum told me that if I agree this is the most adorable picture in the entire universe, I pass my OCN without having any work. Fortunately, I don't have to lie. OCN here I come...

Gill (from the Eastbourne illustration course)

Thanks Gill. Hope your Man Who Planted Trees pictures are going well.

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