Thursday, November 16, 2006


Although I've yet to finalise where I'm going to, I have made the smallest, slowest start on the task of putting stuff in boxes ready for when I move. In doing so I'm trying to thin things out a bit (the Amnesty bookshop should do quite well out of this) and give away/chuck out a certain amount of stuff.

Anyway, there's an old, old sketchbook that very nearly got binned but for these images and a couple of others. Slim pickings for a whole book but I'm inordinately fond of the second one, probably because I don't quite know what's going on (or, indeed, who or what Henshaw is).

love that spooky skull thingy at the top... i have DOZENS of old sketchbooks that have absolutely nothing of merit in them... ripe for the bonfire, i think.

No you musn't burn your sketchbooks. You may burn a small child with a rabbit on his babygro offering Henshaw a rusk. Swoon.

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