Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Mr Reid 

Also yesterday, I was looking at a bunch of stuff by the late great Ken Reid and drew this under the influence...

Nice, I can see the slight Ken Reid influence in it. Don't know why but he looks French to me, maybe it's because he also reminds me (a little) of Pepe Le Pew. Or maybe I'm talking utter nonsense.

That's an unhealthy time to be posting to Blogger, I hope you're getting some sleep!

You're right, he does look a bit French and, yes, a touch of a Pepe-like glint in the eye perhaps.

How is just after noon an unhealthy time to be blogging though?

I think I stupidly mixed it up with another post that was at 4am or something like that. I'm a very confused person. There probably wasn't one like that at all was there?

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