Thursday, November 30, 2006

moving out 

While awaiting word on the wonderful rickety house I am moving out of the flat, in a travelling light kind of way, tomorrow and stopping for a spell with m'good friend Steve. Should hear about the other place at the weekend so next week I'll either be moving properly to there or moving more fully into Steve's spare room and continuing my search for a more long term solution from there.

As such, updating this blog and replying to email may be even more sporadic than usual for a while. Apologies. But those of you that do, do keep writing, I'll get it eventually.

And hopefully while I have reduced access to t'interwebnetwork I'll do loads of drawings that I'll be able to bore you all with when I'm fully back online.

Cheers for now.


Happy moving Dave, we'll miss your drawings and they never bore.

Daaaavveee.... Daaaavveeeee...

Hope you are well. When you coming back?

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