Sunday, October 01, 2006

things fall apart (or, at least, a chair does) 

It's been a mixed kind of a week with a right old mix of good things and bad. Nothing really, really bad, just some cumulative irritations of a kind that need frequent and loud swearing at. For instance my work chair, after occasional spells of falling apart in the past, chose to fall apart properly and completely and is now held together by string in a somewhat unconvincing manner. Not ideal.

But here's an elephant to cheer us all up.

i really like the looseness of the linework here

Cheers, wiLbur. I'm constantly vacillating between wanting to produce work that is precise and clear (a la Herge, Chris Ware etc.) and wanting to loosen up and do livelier, messier work that shows its working. Also, choice of pen and paper seduce me into different approaches (this was a 0.05 Staedtler pigment liner on the smooth thin paper of a Paperchase book of gridded paper - which they irritatingly seem not to sell anymore).

i'm always trying to loosen my style but i find it difficult to get a result i'm satisfied with...much more difficult than it looks i think..

I admire loose style work, but I'm unable to do myself due to being a complete obsessive. Bah!

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