Thursday, October 12, 2006

hang spring cleaning 

I am delaying further work on the Albert Square picture and extending my neglect of you, gentle reader, for a further day because it looks nice out and I'm hoping fresh air and the sight of other human beings might dislodge a Brilliant Idea from some dark crevice of my brain for the Fairly Secret Project. As further stimulus I'm going to peruse some old sketchbooks (from whence the jolly chicken, newly badly coloured, below). So, off I go now, for a swim and a walk and a think (and maybe tea and a bun at some point too).

She is marvellous, your chicken! And looks very pleased with herself, and as if she is about 54 and likes sherry.

She is coy about her age (is there a formula for chicken years like there is for dog years, incidentally?) but yes to the sherry.

I am back from my walk which was largely unproductive but very pleasant. Lunch featured chocolate biscuit cake. Think I might give the deckchair one last outing and work outside for a bit now.


I have just been woken from a dream in which I was eating a very dense chocolate spongecake. I wonder what Freud would have to say about that. Very vexing, for it is Early, and I need Sleep.

Does it make you feel weird when one of your drawings comments on your blog?

"Does it make you feel weird when one of your drawings comments on your blog?"

Only if they use exclamation marks.

spankingly nice chicken.

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