Friday, September 22, 2006

some things I forgot to mention at the time 

Lovely fellow Darryl Cunningham, cartoonist, photographer and maker of handcrafted goodies, now has a website (as I should have mentioned a little while ago).

Dapperest man in all comicdom, Woodrow Phoenix, has written a splendid and beautiful book about Japanese toys (as I should have mentioned a little while ago). And while we're about it he's illustrated a children's book too.

Non-Working Monkey is very funny indeed. And I'm not just saying that because she's commissioned me to draw a monkey in a fez. (A monkey in a fez! It's all downhill after this).

In an armchair, with a little round tummy (new part of commission; is it too late?), smoking a clay pipe with a packet of crisps in his other hand. Or her other hand. Or in its asexual monkeyhand.

Clay pipe, crisps and armchair all accounted for. Little round tummy easily added in.

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