Tuesday, August 08, 2006

international art dealer (maybe) 

A few monsters culled from another large page of doodles which may or may not be sold to a nice man in Vienna when it's complete...

...and in other news: another disastrous cricket match on Saturday saw me take forever to score 2 before my captain ran me out (accidentally, I think). But I did have a bowl for the first time this year and that went okay (2 overs, no wickets, 3 runs). And a blueberry-powered squash game yesterday went a lot better than expected (still lost but that's a given) so it's not all bad news.

Oh, and I harvested 3 healthy-looking yellow courgettes from my much neglected allotment the other day. Now I just need to find out whether I cook them like ordinary courgettes or need to do anything fancy with them. Hopefully I can find some advice online that's more helpful than that received from one of the old Italian ladies down at the allotments ("My mother feeds them to the animals"). I also harvested a few lettuces without realising that a snail was attached to one of them. Said gastropod thus spent a chilly night in the fridge before I discovered it and sent it back outside. Oops. At least it didn't go for a wander inside the fridge overnight.

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