Sunday, June 25, 2006

another sketchbook page 

Posting may be even more sporadic (and dull) for a while as I try to rectify the damage I did to the Mac last week. There was something small wrong with it. I tried to fix it. I made it not work at all for a while. Never, ever delete files from the system folder. Oh my, no.

Anyway, I'm reconstructing things from the backup on my external drive and the Mac is at least talking to me again now. Some problems getting the scanner to talk to Photoshop and iTunes won't acknowledge that, actually, there's quite a lot of music in my iTunes folder rather than none at all but I'm confident I should have things back to something like normal by about late autumn.

And in the meantime here is a sketchbook page:

[click image to embiggen]

Very nice Dave. What do you use for the dark inky accents, ink?- Matt Broersma

Thanks, Matt. The shades are done with grey ink Pitt Artist brushpens.

Oo nifty. I was thinking of getting one of those, a brushpen that does grey tones. but i think it was a pentel brand. I have not heard of Pitt... must ask me supplier...

I should clarify: Pitt aren't a manufacturer, "PITT artist pens" is the name of a line of pens from Faber-Castell (three widths of ordinary fibre tips and the brushpen - not an actual brushpen but a brush-style fibre tip). Ah, pen minutiae...

I found a picture. I still think it's nifty.

They are indeed very nifty. Ridiculously good for the price in fact. (I should ask for commission...)

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