Sunday, May 07, 2006

life of a pen page twenty-six 

I'm having to hold the pen almost perpendicular to the page now because there's so little fibre tip left...

(Click image for large version)

Dave, These pen pages would make great jigsaw puzzles!
I wonder what is going to run out first: the nib or the ink, oooh it's tense...

superb, i love it!

i am really surprised the pen has lasted so long. do you draw this stuff in pencil and then ink over it with the pen? because alot of the drawings look too perfect to have been just drawn directly onto the page with no preplanning. But if you really are just drawing directly onto the page I am very impressed.

Cheers Mike.

All the Life of a Pen work has been put straight down in pen with no pencilling or planning. I mentioned the original rules I set myself back with the posting of page one (see here) and I've more or less stuck to them. I think I absent mindedly drew a couple of people off the telly along the way which is arguably not "aimless doodling" and, less forgivably, I have accidentally used the pen outside the designated sketchbook a couple of times (I wrote a two word note to myself in a notebook and another two words on the back of my hand). But mostly I've been good and stuck to the rules, honest.

Hello Dave, Like lots of others, enjoying the Life of a Pen. How long does it take you to do a page?

How long to do a page? I'm not at all sure. I tend to do a bit and then do some other stuff and then come back and do a bit more and so on, so it's not something I keep track of. I'd guess that they'va all taken an absolute minimum of two hours and more likely an average of maybe four hours (of actual drawing time - sometimes this might be spread out over several days). But I really am guessing - this may be wildly inaccurate.

Maybe I'll time myself on the next one (as I haven't actually started it yet).

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