Wednesday, May 10, 2006

life of a pen page twenty-seven: the death of a pen 

It's over

No flowers, please.

(Click image for large version)

It's been a wonderful journey, Dave. Thank you!

I'm surprised it runs out just like that, though, without a whole lot of scratchiness and faintness and coughing and wheezing.

Although I wouldn't know about that: my pens usually get lost/borrowed/left on trains before they have a chance to die.

I will put something on my site tomorrow about this - a lifetime achievement award of some sort for your pen. He's lived a full and eccentric life. He did it his way.

It kept right on giving up until the last. It's the way it would have wanted to go. You should be proud.

Yes, it kept on giving long after many another pen would have said "enough, no more, my work here is done".

And, Steve, there was a whole lot of "scratchiness and faintness and coughing and wheezing" at the end. That last page was quite painful and belaboured. But if you put a faint scratchy line on top of three or four other faint scratchy lines (plus you boost the blacks a little in the process of scanning) then you end up with, more or less, the line a younger pen would have drawn in one go. Because there was pretty much no fibre tip left sticking out of the metal barrel of the pen at the end those last drawings are almost engraved into the paper as the barrel dug into the page as I drew. It's a battlefield I tell you.

this was great! you and your pen have all my respect for finishing this amazing project.

Frame that pen and stick it on the wall! I shall miss Life of a Pen although I think you'll enjoy having a break from it!

Oh yes, a bit of a break (or a suitable period of mourning if you prefer) is definitely called for now. I had always intended to do the same thing over again with a series of other pens but I'm now deferring any definite decision about that. Going to do some other stuff with whatever pens and on whatever paper I choose for a while.

What make and model pen did you use again?

It was a Pilot DR drawing pen with a 0.3 fibre tip.

Cool. Seems to have basically the same appearance and specs as the Staedtler Pigment Liner, which I often use. Haven't tried the Pilot DR Drawing Pens, however.

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