Monday, May 01, 2006

belated plug 2 

I've been meaning to give a plug to The Barnstables' (nice touch that apostrophe, took me a while to notice it but I was glad when I did) for quite some time but somehow never got round to it until now. I know nothing of its creator, wiLbur, but having myself made failed attempts at working in the classic newspaper strip format in the past (and having noted the dearth of worthwhile work in said format in your actual bloody newspapers these days) it's both refreshing and incredibly dispiriting to see someone using the form so effectively and with such apparent ease. The bugger. Anyway, it's funny, charming, original and its author knows both how to write and to draw funny. Go read some.

You're right some of those are great.

I think Edwin & Molly are pretty perfect too. 'cept bird, in my humble opinion, should've been hidden by the dust cloud in that last panel with maybe just beak and feet showing... They genuinely make me laugh every time I read one though.

Thanks for that, Joel.

You're right, that would have been funnier (damn you!).

I wasn't entirely happy with that last E&M strip myself (though for slightly different reasons - mainly I wish I'd drawn the bird a touch smaller, and better for that matter) but I'm trying just to do them pretty quickly for now and not worry too much and at least get something done. I'm learning as I go (and thus all the more appreciative of feedback). Cheers.

I figured that that was the way you were approaching them which was why I said that about bird even though it seemed distinctly rude.

I really like it though, and that kind of cartoon is SO hard to do as we've discussed. Keep going!

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