Wednesday, April 12, 2006


A very agreeable evening last night spent quizzing with chums Ade, Gary and Rosa at a pub that was once my local but these days is just quite local. Hadn't been in there in years and now don't know why. It's a good pub and, it turns out, runs a superior quiz of a Tuesday night. While our team (Three Weeks To Go - named for the advanced stage of Rosa's pregnancy) did creditably in the quiz proper (joint second or third, I think, and only two or three points behind the winners - oh if only we'd known the name of the Donnie Darko bunny and I'd been sure that there was a ballroom in Cluedo...) it was the end of evening big money question that we did well on because it strayed into an area of relative expertise for me. The rollover cash prize stood at £132 and the question was this:

Which famous cartoon character made his debut in a newspaper on January 17 1929?

And while I didn't know the answer for sure I could at least take a decent guess. So I did. And I was right - blimey, how exciting. But so was someone on another team. Darn! So the money wasn't ours yet.

Thus there was a tie break question which was:

In which year did Bugs Bunny first say "What's Up Doc?" to Elmer Fudd?

And, again, I didn't know but I reckoned I could get close. So I took another guess, somewhat aided by having watched a bunch of Bugs shorts relatively recently on DVD (I was buying a 4 DVD set for my godson and his siblings for Christmas and thought, bollocks, I'm having one of those for myself too). And I was right. And this time the other team weren't (they went 3 years too late) so we won the Big Money Prize. Hurrah! A top night out that left us all in profit - marvellous.

If anyone wants to have a go at answering the questions (and I'm trusting you all not to cheat with your internets and your books and such) then do so in the comments and maybe I'll think of a rubbish prize for anyone who gets them both right (or close to right, or hilariously wrong).

Popeye and um... er... 1942.

Um..Mickey Mouse and 1943.

Well, there is at least one correct answer somewhere there but that's as much as I'll say for now. I'll give it a while longer and see if anyone else wants a go.

Judge Dredd and 2023!

Ooh, so close...

It's got to be Tintin! And 1942 (guess, based on you saying one of the previous answers was right, and through no knowledge of my own).

Wrong and wrong again.

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