Friday, April 14, 2006

life of a pen page twenty-one 

I reckon we'll be seeing those little critters with the many eyeballs again, I like 'em...

(Click image for large version)

these are awesome can I buy them from you?

Well I wasn't intending to sell them but I'm open to offers. Feel free to contact me via the "mail me" link above. Bear in mind though that you'd have to buy two pages at once as I'm using both sides of the paper.

Alternatively, I'm thinking of throwing together a self-published, limited run booklet of the Life of a Pen pages at some point. If I do then you could have all the pages in reproduction for a fraction of the cost of an original. I'll be buying a laser printer soon (just waiting for a cheque to clear) partly for this purpose.

oh, then i'll probably go for the book. thats very cool news! hope you go through with it

I LOVE you style! So realistic, but also so...Styleisch!!

Good job!

monocat sez:

be careful of the printer you buy - I could just about afford to get one - so I did - & find it's unusable for printing because the toner doesn't last a whole A5 book doing 50 pages... which is somewhat crap & negates the point, rather...
look to costs of refills & the alleged 'amount of copies a cartridge does' & then consider that these figures for how long the cartridge will last are base on probably not 5% paper coverage (a page of light text) & the stretched imagination of the companies marketing department..

bitter? me?

but i wouldn't want you to end up in the same boat...

Thanks Paul.I must admit that once the thought of getting the printer and using it to publish LOAP had occurred to me I did contemplate not doing any more silhouette figures because of just those kind of concerns. decided I couldn't let such things dictate the work though. I'll try to look into it as thoroughly as I can without it making me want to gnaw my own limbs off from confusion/frustration/boredom.

Maybe I'll get the printer and use it for full print runs of less densely inked material but for stuff with more blacks just print out a master copy and get me to a copy shop for the bulk printing. Ee, it'd be almost like the old days.

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