Wednesday, April 05, 2006

life of a pen page nineteen 

It really must nearly be over now. The fibre tip is worn down to less than 0.5mm long. Maybe the ink will run out first but surely another page or two will see off the last remains of the tip. In the meantime, it draws on...

(Click image for large version)

I'm amazed the pen has lasted for so long! The beautiful work continues. Amidst all the fine hatching work the large drawing of the woman in black really stands out. But then that's probably because she's quite lovely. Ahem.

You're amazed? I'm bloody astounded. And rather impressed.

I thought the woman in black was heading into slightly Crumb-esque territory so I thought I'd give her wellies to try to counter this a bit. But I don't think they really come across as being wellies so they probably only make matters worse. Oh well.

I was going to say something about the boots looking like wellies but thought it'd make me seem like more of a perv.

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