Thursday, March 09, 2006

brown paper 

Bought a book of brown paper a while back but barely did anything in it until yesterday. Here's a yawning bear and some other stuff.

I looooovvve working on brown paper and you've inspired me to do it again, it has such a great quality when you use black and white. I'm enjoying watching the life of the pen by the way and I'm just waiting for it to run out!

Well the life of a pen pen is beginning to flag, I think, which is part of the reason I've given it a day or two off. Given that I thought it was running out on page five though, and I'm on page fourteen now, it's really done very well. I once had a fibre tip pen from Muji that I managed to wear down to an unusable nub in under 24 hours so this 'un's been fabulously hardy in comparison.

Is the brown paper in the pad you're using acid free, Dave? If so, what's the brand? I'd love to get my hands on a sketchbook made up of archival quality brown paper...

Hello anonymous, nice to see you back.

I can't be sure but I expect the brown paper is not archival quality. It was just a cheapish book from Paperchase.

Ah, okay. Thanks for the quick reply, Dave. Guess my search continues...

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