Monday, February 20, 2006

life of a pen, page eight 

Nobly ignoring my prophecies of imminent demise some time ago the pen soldiers on heroically...

Click image for large version.

I like the fat ugly one at the bottom right... awesome... blobby. - Matt b

You mean the self portrait?

Only kidding, folks. I am, of course, an Adonis. An Adonis with not much hair left who's let himself go a bit and, in the wrong light, slightly resembles a potato, but an Adonis nonetheless.

Great mixture of scribbles there!
Keep them coming

http://www.comix.org.uk/mooncat/: monocat sez:
good lord - there's radovan karadzic down the bottom there - quick! skewer the fucker!

More like some strange hybrid of Karadzic and Jim Broadbent who happens to be wired up to a Van der Graaf generator.

Stone the crows.

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