Sunday, December 18, 2005


This year's Christmas card/booklet - A Horrible Christmas, the tale of the Christmas party at the Bela Lugosi Memorial Home for Retired Monsters and Villains - is rolling off the production line even as I type. Some people may even receive their copies before Christmas, you never know.

Apologies in advance, though, to anyone reading this in, say, New Zealand. Sorry, Ruthy, late again.

Looks great to me.

Hello Dave! Lovely booklet, thank you!Thanks also for visiting my blog. I admit, I hid my light! (What's new?)
I definetly recommend the Ilustration Friday link I put up. A great way to get an illo a week done!

It arrived today, thank you it's brilliant. As I cheerfully said when it came, "it's one of the few good things about this time of year". The other thing being the birth of our saviour the Easter Bunny, naturally.

Hey thanks for mine too. It's tremendous and good.
I've no idea how late it was because I didn't get home till well into the new year...

Well in that case, if there's no way of you knowing otherwise, it was absolutely on time...

Actually, it really was - I'm very often still writing cards and sending them out until about December 23rd but this year (or rather, last year) I actually had them done in reasonable time.

And thank you very much for your kind words, all of you.

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