Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Don't give up the day job. 

All my own work. No one else to blame.

A song

Caution: contains "singing".

Very nice, reminds me of Sting or Pink Floyd. -Matt B.

My dear boy, are you on drugs?

Fine uke playing!

check out David devant/Mr Solo



Cheers, Fred. I don't agree, but many thanks just the same.

Is that you singing Mr S? I'm very impressed it sounds like something off a "Magnetic fields" album

Mr Stevenson - that is indeed me "singing". Indeed there are three of me singing and three playing ukulele if I remember rightly. I've since sacked the second uke-playing me from the band because he couldn't stay in time.

You're the second person to compare it to The Magnetic Fields as it happens which I consider to be high (though misplaced) praise indeed. Ta very much.

I was very impressed by your uke playing and the multi-layering vocals. I foresee a video not unlike "Bohemian Rhapsody".

I'll get straight onto it, Gary, just as soon as I've borrowed a video camera and found me torch.

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