Friday, November 25, 2005


Just scanned a page from an old sketchbook for other reasons and thought I'd bung it up here too for want of anything new or interesting to say. This is from late '99 I think and seems to me to be busier and more interesting than pages from more recent books. Largely a result of much more often drawing to a purpose these days rather than doodling aimlessly. Still, I really should get back to doing more of this kind of thing as well as the actual work.

Great sketchbook. Personally I have never been able to sketch aimlessly. I finally figured out that I could fill sketchbooks by drawing the stuff around me e.g. on the commute, especially people on the tube. I did tons of sketchbooks for about four years but when I stopped commuting I practically stopped sketching. I still get the chance when meeting up with friends or travelling.

that was posted by me, matt b, by the way...

My aimless sketches are always more promising than sketches for work, or especially finished work.

And recently I've been going out and kind of pretending to commute in order to sketch, even when I've nowhere to go. At least I get to avoid rush hour...

Hmm, the drawing while commuting thing interests me but my journey to work each day is about 8 paces long from the bedroom to the studio/office/messiest room in the house. Vaguely contemplating the fake commuting thing. Had wondered about going to smelly London and doing a full circuit of the Circle line purely for the purpose of drawing. Lord knows my observational drawing could use some work.

Anyway, cheers, both.

Eight paces? That's a Marathon. I just have to climb out of a hole in the wall and I'm there.

Your blog always has extra long verification words...

Hmm, it does seem that way lately.

I shall, of course, appreciate the comments I receive all the more because of this.

Lovely stuff. I can't see anything wrong with your observational drawing.

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