Tuesday, November 01, 2005

No excuse for this kind of appalling behaviour 

Oh dear God...

"Rupert the Bear is moving to a new home alongside Postman Pat and He-Man".

Well, I know that Postman Pat lives in Greendale. I never thought that He-Man would fit in to such a close knit Yorkshire rural community. But it just goes to show, you should never judge by appearances. If Rupert's moving there too, Greendale must be steps away from being the new Alderley Edge for re-invented cartoon characters who were disappointing enough the first time round.

Well first of all there'll just be muttered grumblings about "incomers" then later some minor incident in the queue at the post office will be mis-reported by the biased mass media (in this case the Greendale Post) resulting in outright riots in which Rupert and his chums (and He Man too if he's not got his sword with him at the time) are beaten to bloody pulps by the outraged locals.

Which, in fairness, will at least make for an original piece of children's broadcasting.

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