Wednesday, November 30, 2005

a dilemma 

So having set to work early to complete the day's work (drawing camels) I reward myself, once that task is completed, with a mug of tea, a relaxing bath and the re-reading of one of my favourite A L Kennedy short stories (Breaking Sugar). And I'm all very relaxed and content, I'm two thirds of the way through the story and the water's recently topped up with hot, when the doorbell goes and I know that it's almost certainly a courier with the two dozen of my favourite pens that I ordered online yesterday. So do I remain in the comfort of my bath and finish the story but later have to sort out redelivery or do I get the lovely pens (mmm, peeennns) but, to do so, have to leave the bath and the story and suffer the indignity of having to answer the door dripping wet and in a dressing gown at lunchtime?

I think the footprints have dried out now.

Thanks for drawing all those camels, Dave. I got the proofs today (I wrote the daft thing) and am absolutely thrilled with the results. Drawing camels (or anything else with six knees) must be hell, but you have a rare knack for it. Hope we meet sometime. Thanks again,


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Thanks, Steve. Much appreciated.

In case anyone wonders what we're on about - that's Stephen Davies, that is, for whose book Sophie and the Albino Camel (Andersen Press, £4.99, out in April I think) I recently drew the cover and a dozen black and white illustrations. It's a pacy little yarn and was a pleasure to illustrate (once I got the hang of the camels). I'll write a proper entry about it when it comes out.

I add you to my links. Nice Blog.

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