Friday, October 14, 2005

beautiful game 

I didn't play as much cricket as I usually do over the summer. I normally pick up maybe half a dozen games or so with the St Radegund pub side and spend a lot of time practising in between times. This year, though, there was no chance to practise as our usual nets weren't available and I was picked to play slightly less often than usual because I think they've finally realised just how bad I am. Thus it was with some enthusiasm that I greeted my mate Steve's suggestion that, as the rounders season came to an end, we should form a cricket team specifically for rubbish players. Hurrah!

And lo, unlike much talk that occurs in a pub after a couple of beers, it has come to pass (mainly because Steve was organising it rather than me). So yesterday evening saw the inaugural practice session of the newborn Maypole Cricket Club at the indoor nets at Fenner's and most enjoyable it was too. Half a dozen of us chucked balls and waved a bit of wood about and it quickly became apparent that there were those among us who weren't actually rubbish at all. Indeed young Mr Geoff Johnston was so thoroughly far from rubbish that he probably ought to have been instantly thrown out.

But then he got a round in down the pub afterwards so maybe we'll overlook it.

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