Friday, August 19, 2005

a fresh eye 

Sometimes it's hard to see the bleeding obvious.

I'm working on a couple of book covers for children's publisher Andersen Press at the moment and sent off rough versions of revised designs yesterday. Only after they'd gone did the missus get a look at them and her fresh eye spotted a tiny error I'd made in one of them.

"That dog's gigantic," she said (or words to that effect). And I looked and saw that it was true. The dog depicted in one of the covers (and specifically described in the text as being, let's not mince our words here, "small") had seemingly been transformed by rays from a radioactive pile of old Marvel comics into Superhound, a mighty canine the size of a bear. Oops. Perspective was never my strong point but normally I don't get it quite so badly wrong (or at least I notice when I do). Some redrawing to be done today methinks.

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