Thursday, August 11, 2005

by the way... 

...I've only received one bad joke for September's theme week (but it is a very good bad joke, thanks Vikki) so do please email me some more.

In other news, despite horrible neglect over the past few weeks and a subsequent proliferation of weeds, my allotment has borne fruit (and veg) in a modest way. I went down there earlier in the week and wondered what horrible person had left that strange dark plastic bottle on my plot and then, on closer inspection, realised that it was in fact a singular large courgette (or is it a small marrow? Whatever. It's the teenager of the courgette/marrow world I suppose). I also pulled up a handful of potatoes (by mistake during a slightly heavy handed spell of weeding) and got a good crop of blackberries from the brambles by the hedge. Should get some butternut squashes at some point too, the three plants appear to be intent on taking over the whole plot. Almost everything else, though, is dead or pathetic.

Anyway, cooked and ate the potatoes and part of the monster courgette for me tea last night and found them to be good. Hurrah!

Dear Dave - I love this blog. I have it set up on Bloglines, so I can see your latest illustrations. To add some confusion to the courgette question, on this side of the pond, it'd be a zucchini.

Thank you, madam, for your very kind words.

Somehow the word "zucchini" makes me think of Groucho Marx though there may very well be no good reason for this. No bad thing to be reminded of Groucho Marx though.

Talking of Groucho Marx and weak jokes:

'I have principles! If you don't like them...
...I have others.'

Hello Dave.
Glad you liked the joke, I look forward to the rendering of it in pictorial form.

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