Thursday, June 02, 2005

weird orange thing 

nice ... style reminds me a bit of Geoff Darrow somehow. -Matt B

Interesting... I was kind of thinking it was coming out a bit sub-Charles Burnsy as I was doing it. And then fiddling with the colour a bit after this version it went a bit sub-Brendan McCarthy. Hadn't thought of Geoff Darrow but I can kind of see what you mean.

Yes maybe Brendan McCarthy, but somehow not stylised in the same way. Don't you love it when people discuss things they think have influenced you? Personally, I hate it! It's kind of like, 'oh, nice, you imitated that other guy'. So what I should say is: nice, very nice, very orange!

I should add, this is Matt Broersma, since I think you know some other Matt Bs...

No, you're the only Matt B I know - or at least the only one likely to be commenting here - I just got you confused with Matt Abbiss one time because I was too half asleep to read your signature properly.

Personally I don't mind too much when people spot purported influences (so long as it isn't an accusation of plagiarism). I don't always agree but sometimes an artist gets mentioned that I hadn't ever thought of as an influence but I can see it once it's been pointed out to me.

Like "ooh, I hadn't thought of it before but you're right, I do draw exactly like a blind, crippled donkey."

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