Friday, April 08, 2005


Happy Birthday to me.

As such I am giving myself the week off from feeling guilty about not posting enough.

I'll try to fit some stuff into next week though, despite the fact that it looks like next week will be crazy like a crazy thing with too much work. As it happens there are actually one or two things to tell you about for a change... but they'll just have to wait. Besides, I want to include some photos and I haven't taken them yet.

Here's hoping you're all having as lovely a day as I am anyway.

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear Da-yave
Happy birthday to you!

Have a great birthday! (to a ukulele beat! -- still haven't bought mine yet!)


Happy Birthday Mr S!!

Well ta very much Mark, Fred and especially Anonymous (love your work - and so prolific).

Happy birthday dood.
I would read and comment on your blog more often but the RSS feed doesn't seem to work for me somehow.

Matt B

Ooh, bum! I thought I'd got the RSS thingy all sorted out. I shall look into it.

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