Saturday, February 26, 2005


Yay, I won something. Hurrah!

Not that I'm prone to time-wasting during the working day or anything but last week I entered a competition to win one of five "I've Adopted a Mad Bear" T shirts from the BBC.

You had to suggest titles for possible compilation albums and the fact that my suggestion (The 50 Greatest Songs to Drown Out The Odious Wittering of Robert Kilroy-Silk) came in the top five suggests that competition was far from fierce. Though in fairness, Now then, Now then: That's What I Call Jimmy Savile (suggested by one Katharine Wright) is a cut above.

I shall inform you as to whether the T shirt itself was worth the effort in the fullness of time.

The Mad Bear slogan, in case you were wondering, is to do with the really very good Radio 4 comedy show, That Mitchell And Webb Sound (Thursdays, 6.30p.m.), from the same team that made Peep Show for the telly.

You can hear the most recent programme at the Radio 4 website by going to the Listen Again page.

Actually, Radio 4 are doing okay for comedy at present. They started an adaptation of Jonathan Coe's excellent novel What A Carve Up! last week (Tuesdays, 11p.m. also available via Listen Again as above) which seems likely to comfortably outdo the recent telly version of The Rotters' Club. And High Table, Lower Orders (Fridays, 11.30a.m., Listen again, blah blah, you get the idea) is not only quite good but has the added bonus of local interest in that it's set in Cambridge.

All of which is a great relief to me as, being a professional illustrator, I have to listen to Radio 4 pretty much all day every day. It's the law.

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